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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Bottles are soft 3 days after making fresh batch.
 Check if blue luer pinch clamp is open. If not, zero pressure indicates leak from cap dip top of each bottle and other components in bucket of water separately and squeeze a bottle to generate pressure the leak should be obviousFinger tighten connections, hand tighten caps. Download Instructions for Use on home page.
2. It takes a long time to build up pressure.
Yeast are living things, on hot 90 degree days pressure can fully build up in 3-5 days.Cold winter temperatures take longer. Fresh yeast work really fast. Old yeast in an opened package can take days longer to build up pressure. If you are in a hurry, one option is to make 2 or more batches at once. The system has safety relief valves that will relieve pressure if pressure rises above 60 psi.
3. Neutral taste
We recommend Baker's yeast. Brands such as Red Star® and 
Fleischmann's® work well. Brewers yeast or wine yeast may add off flavors. For best results use white sugar only. This is a natural process not synthetic, 1-2 % of people can detect a very slight yeast taste (when making seltzer only), at parts per million level.
4. Sometimes the carbonation strength is low.
Keep soda bottle drink mixture in refrigerator before carbonating,  you will get good results. Leave an air space for shaking. Shake well. Use 20 psi or higher pressure when carbonating soda and 50 psi or higher when carbonating plain water. (See link to the left.)
5. What size bottles can I use.
10 oz, 750 ml, 1 L , 40 oz glass seltzer and beer bottles
Coca Cola® brand sodas  only 1L, 1.5L, 2L
All other soda-seltzer PET bottles 12oz, 1/2L. 24oz, 1L, 1.5L. 2L, 2.5L  If the cap does not fit well try removing the left over metal or plastic band on bottle neck.
6. What if I still have problems?
We want customers to get good value. For 0.5% of new owners who  have trouble finding a system leak We will assist you via email. If you still have cannot locate the leak in U.S.A. spend $5.75 to mail product minus bottles and bag in US Priority Mail small box. We will check out your system and mail it back to you. If there are factory defects they will be repaired for free.
7. Sulfur Smell
Customers who use well water may find that naturally occuring hydrogen sulfide smell from their water increases due to sulfur reducing bacteria action increases in low oxygen environments. If this occurs we recommend boiling your water to kill off the bacteria and cool before adding yeast and sugar.