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Introducing the MY POP OLD FASHIONED SODA SHOPPE. This U.S. patented product 8323713 is fun to use for the entire family.  Make healthy carbonated drinks with ingredients found in your kitchen. You can carbonate up to 10 liters of very highly carbonated seltzer or soda or fruit juice every week. No other home soda or seltzer maker does this better or cheaper. This truly green product works by using baker's yeast and sugar which you add to the included 2 liter bottle. This pressurizes the included 10 liter reservoir with carbon dioxide.  You can see and hear bubbles forming, pressure builds up and is stored in the 10 liter reservoir ready at any time you desire even months later. Only the gas transfers to your drink when carbonating. Yeast produce carbon dioxide faster when the weather is warm. You can produce as much gas as you want with this system. If you want to generate  more gas quickly simply fill two bottles with yeast sugar and water.  Pressure will rise twice as quick. This will give 20 liters per batch. The system can handle up to 4 bottles filled with yeast and sugar which can make up to 40 liters of soda or seltzer a week during warm weather. The system relieves excess pressure if you decide to make more than a 10 liter batch, and you do not carbonate any drinks,  All equipment is included. Any drink you carbonate will only contain the flavor and sweetener you want.  Easily carbonate a 10 oz bottle up to a 2.5 liter bottle at once. Turn your favorite dry powder drink mix into a carbonated beverage. Koolaid or Wylers or Crystal Light tradename flavor package make great soda flavors.  Use root beer extract to make root beer, or vanilla extract to make cream soda. Carbonating fruit juices is easy.   You can even recarbonate half empty bottles with no problems. Make regular or diet sodas either way is fine. There are no license fees or waiting for refilling empty tanks or trips to the market with this item. Recipes included. Make 10 liters of seltzer for 24 cents, less than 3 cents per liter every week.  For the all natural purists out there you can reuse your favorite screw cap glass seltzer bottle or beer bottle that you drink once and then throw away! Carrying bag included for ease of handling. Pressure gauge and pressure relief valves are included. You get three products in one, a powerful self powered squirt gun, a personal misting device is included that can spray a cooling mist of water for over an hour, and of course a soda/seltzer maker. The MY POP OLD FASHIONED SODA SHOPPE comes packaged in a large brightly colored box.  Parental supervision for children ten years old and younger.
Comparison cost to make 1 liter of seltzer

My Pop Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe  2.4 cents

14.5 ounce name brand refillable CO2     35 cents

All soda makers that use disposable CO2  55 cents

New combo chemical CO2 and flavor devices   > 100cents

The savings do not end here we do not push high
priced soda flavors and bottles. You do not need to run out and get carbon dioxide tank refills or custom bottles. We show you how to make tasty soda using ingredients found in your kitchen! Your favorite flavor can be turned into soda. We also include a free cooling mister.
The Greenest Most Sustainable Soda Maker On The Planet